Sunday, July 30, 2006

first ever webpage

Oh my goodness... as if you didn't have enough to read without me adding another blog.

BUT I have just produced my first ever webpage... yes, that's right. My VERY OWN webpage!

Not that it's anything great (it reads like this "This is my first homepage. I am learning what to do I've never done anything like this before") and I have no idea how to upload it to the internet so you can view the marvel, but there it is, on my computer screen. A marvel indeed!

Check out this address for details: http://www.w3schools.com/web/web_html.asp
It's teaching me everthing I need to know.
Sorry Frank - no tea tonight! Not only is my finger too sore, but I'm having too much fun learning how to be web literate. So EXCITING!

Housework injury

Weekends are all about taking time out from work to relax and unwind, to recharge the batteries before heading out into the world on Monday. So why are they so busy?

Yesterday I didn't stop the whole day, though I have to say I'm quite proud of all I achieved - dusting, cleaning the bathroom, four loads of laundry washed and dried despite it raining all day, Anzac biscuits cooked, date and honey loaf baked, vegetable soup produced, preparation for church and continuing blog research. Wow... is that impressive or what?!

However, I have sustained a terrible injury. Frank had worked for several hours in the rain, and he returned home in the early afternoon. He looked cold, wet and miserable so I decided to make a delicious, warming, hearty, nourishing vegetable soup. I busily set about chopping vegies as quickly as possible (possibly faster than I ever have)... and I wore a hole in my finger!

You know those injuries where you suddenly realise how much you use that part of your body, despite never before noticing you even needed it? It's one of them. Tragically I won't be able to cook for a week. Take away Frank???

OK, I'm kidding, it's not that bad. But there is a hole in my finger, and it does hurt.

Will this entry promote me to blogging fame?

blogging fame

An average life, no children to photograph and quote... what's there to write about that? What niche can I carve in a sea of blogs that might draw worldwide readers to my virtual doorstep?

Since setting up this site, I've been doing quite a lot of research about blogs - suggested topics, naming a blog, titling a post for highest readership. The aim of the game is not to simply journal your life on line for interested family and friends - the goal is to attract readers; to do everything you can to draw the attention of the masses; to have so many comments logged that you must purchase more storage space on your servers hard drive.

I've only just launched myself into the blogosphere and I'm realising how many mistakes I've already made.

  1. For one, I've used 'blogspot' instead of building my own site ("serious bloggers don't use 'blogspot' - it's a sure sign that the writer is a novice and the blog is not worth reading").
  2. Why, oh why did I call my site "happy chatter" - it simply doesn't provide enough interest to grab any random reader's attention (in addition to that I feel compelled to chat happily even if I'm not happy. Which right now I am, so it's OK).
  3. And I really must find something meaningful to write about, that contributes to universal knowledge.
  4. And a unique template would set me apart from others, drawing further interest.

Oh dear... it is unlikely that I will ever achieve blogging fame!

Doesn't stop me trying though! I have started learning some basic template programming. I'm wracking my brain for interesting things to write. I might even learn how to build my own webpage so I can leave 'blogspot' behind (that will probably take ten years to achieve!)... things are looking up.

Soon I will be a professional blogger! So stay alert and ready for all the new developments on this ever changing blog!


Monday, July 24, 2006

inauspicious beginnings of a languishing happy chatter

'happy chatter' I may have called myself, but right now I'm less than happy. My nose is snuffly, my eyes are red, my head is throbbing, my body aches - sounds like a common cold, but how does something so simple leave one feeling so miserable!

I've taken the day off work to recover (that should make me happy) and I'm languishing in bed. When I get bored with that, I move to our new, delightful sunroom and languish in the sun. Ahhh, I'm starting to feel better as the sun fills me with a warm glow. I should just about be ready for work tomorrow!

And so begins my life as a blogger! I'm sure this will be a site under construction for quite a while as I figure out how to create my own template, think of things to write and, most importantly, find the time to fill you in on those juicy tidbits of my life I know you're all dying to hear about!