Sunday, August 16, 2009

so much water

It's been a pretty wet winter here. Mild, but definitely damp. Not that I'm complaining - every drop is joy after a couple of years of drought. However so much water from the sky is more than the rivers can contain and now we have a fantastical, worst-in-fifty-years type flood. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be causing too much damage, but it sure is good for entertainment!

This is what the local tourist attraction, Cataract Gorge, looks like on a normal day.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Beautiful, peaceful and serene. I love going for walks there, although I don't do it very often!

This is the same place yesterday afternoon just after the flood waters peaked. Apologies for the poor picture quality... it was getting dark (and possibly I'm not a great photographer, but we'll go with the dark option because it's my blog and I'm in charge).

And this for some idea of the force of the raging torrent:

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ask and ye shall receive

Frank thinks I am a bit presumptuous and a little crazy, but I like to think it was pure genius!

Last week we were laid waste by swine flu. At least we think it was swine flu, but since they don't test now unless you are in a 'high risk' category, we don't really know. We had all the advertised symptoms. And we felt like crap. So just let us think it was swine flu, if only to make us feel better. Because like I said, we felt like crap.

So there we were, languishing on the lounge, struggling to make it through the day when I realised we were running out of food. Taking my civic duty very seriously, I was not inclined to leave the house and spread my swine bugs with all and sundry so I was trying to figure out a way to get brussel sprouts into the house. Yes, brussel sprouts. Beats me why, but I just needed them last week.

I thought of getting a face mask, but apart from looking like a goon (we may be part of Australasia here but believe me, Australians don't do face masks!), I'd potentially spread my germs to the hapless face mask dispensers. That wouldn't do.

And then I hit upon the genius plan... I'd phone the fruit and veg shop and ask if they do delivery! (genius, genius, genius)

They said they didn't.

I said no problem, I'd be down with my money and germs in a few minutes.

They said fax my order through and they'd see how they went... and hey presto. At 2:30pm a box of fruit and vegetables were delivered to our door!

It just goes to show, ask and ye shall receive... even when it seems impossible! All I can say is thankyou! You made my day, restored my belief in the goodness of humanity, satisfied my brussel sprout cravings, stopped the spread of swine flu and saved the day... thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

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