Sunday, July 30, 2006

first ever webpage

Oh my goodness... as if you didn't have enough to read without me adding another blog.

BUT I have just produced my first ever webpage... yes, that's right. My VERY OWN webpage!

Not that it's anything great (it reads like this "This is my first homepage. I am learning what to do I've never done anything like this before") and I have no idea how to upload it to the internet so you can view the marvel, but there it is, on my computer screen. A marvel indeed!

Check out this address for details: http://www.w3schools.com/web/web_html.asp
It's teaching me everthing I need to know.
Sorry Frank - no tea tonight! Not only is my finger too sore, but I'm having too much fun learning how to be web literate. So EXCITING!


At 9:41 pm, July 30, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

Wow, 3 posts in, like, 1 day! You truly are a nerd. And you're even learning HTML. That's, like, utopian nerdity.

Just kidding!

For what it's worth, I host my own blog and I'm pretty sure it ain't too serious. But at your prolific posting rate I reckon happychatter might be a winner yet!

Funny, you can type with an injured finger but cooking is too hard? Haha. Poor Frank.

Nice template by the way.

At 6:11 pm, July 31, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Go Cec! :)

At 7:13 pm, August 01, 2006, Blogger Big Mama said...

hi there. Michelle Robby's sis here!
Where is your webpage?

At 4:50 pm, August 02, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

Hi Michelle... wow, my blog has three readers now! Nice to hear from you. The webpage in all its glory really only exists in my mind. What I can do so far is change the background colour and write a bit of text... a long way to go! And I have no idea how to upload to the net, though I know I can have a webpage with my provider. Steep learning curve happenning here, and it may take several months! Don't hold your breath.


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