Sunday, November 19, 2006

the secret to blogging success

NaBloPoMo is consuming more and more of my energy. This is not because I'm writing longer posts, in fact I'm cutting down on quantity and quality. The energy is consumed by puzzling over what to write. In the cold light of desparation, almost any event takes on blogworthy status, whether it deserves it or not. The problem then is that I can never recall the really blogworthy moments when the time comes to type.

My mind is so taken over by what to blog, that I spent much of my afternoon walk pondering it. I turned several conversations over in my mind before deciding they were not suitable for public consumption. Then I discovered that no one event of the last few days stood out over any other, and to be quite honest I'm running out of words with which to craft original, quirky stories from nothing.

I was so frustrated by this that I started almost stomping along the footpath. Infuriating! There I was, walking around town on what has turned into a beautiful day, and instead of enjoying the beauty my thoughts were turned inward to blogging! How ridiculous that what usually provides pleasure and renewal as I contemplate nature's treasures, had turned into a self absorbed analysis of blogworthiness.

I was so discouraged by the futility of daily blogging that I began to contemplate quiting NaBloPoMo. I'm not one to give in easily, but I don't like being so imprisoned by the demand to write for the sake of proving that I can post every day and win a prize that I don't even need. Maybe it is time to call it a day.

Then I remembered - trials produce perseverence and perseverence character. Stick with it Cecily, this must surely be producing great character in you. (It's debatable how much character can be produced by idle blogging, but it's possible that I might be growing deeper and stronger through this. Or at least learning lots about myself!)

Never one for thinking about any one thing for long without being distracted, I started to notice what a gorgeous day it was - not even blogging could keep me from noticing for too long.
  1. The sky overhead was clear blue, dotted with fluffy clouds here and there
  2. The sun shone, effusing me with warmth and joy
  3. A gentle breeze danced through my hair and tickled my arms
  4. Patches of shade contrasted coolly with the heat of the sun
  5. Forboding, grey clouds sat over the mountains, providing a dramatic backdrop to the city
  6. Birds sang and flitted back and forth amongst the trees
  7. Lizards slithered quickly into the bushes as I walked by
  8. The sound of laughter and chatter drifted across the park from happy families
  9. Energy and life pulsed through my body as I stepped out my paces
  10. My lovely husband welcomed me home with a kiss and we planted tomato seedlings
Before I knew it, I had a post! Yes, that's ten things about the beautiful day!

So it would seem that the secret to constant blogging success is not thinking too hard. Live life, savour the moment - the post will come in its own time!


At 6:41 am, November 20, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Oh dear I've created a monster! I am sorry that NaBloPoMo is causing so much grief for you....I won't hold it against you if you need to pull out! I liked your 10 things today though :)

At 11:24 am, November 20, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

If I were you I'd give up. Just cos being a slave to blogging is a highly over-rated place to be. Also I'd have less to catch up on every time I visit happychatter.

But that's just me ;-)

At 11:25 am, November 20, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

Oh and yeah, you should totally change the blog name to Frankenstein or something. To give Robyn the credit she deserves :-D

At 1:44 pm, November 20, 2006, Anonymous Joy T. said...

I was surfing on the NaBloPoMo randomizer and came across your blog. Nothing, turned into a great post. Some days are harder then others for sure. Great blog!

At 5:37 pm, November 20, 2006, Blogger peter said...

Just stopping by during my cruise through the Hs. I think your NaBloPoMo posts (including this one) have made for fine reading, and you don't have anything to worry about for our last 10 days.


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