Thursday, November 09, 2006

returning to the ten

I had it all planned out for the month of NaBloPoMo. Every day I would write 10 things about myself, regailing your fascination with my life with 300 tidbits of Cecily trivia as I fulfilled the daily blog requirement.

Just one problem. It cramped my style... I got bored after only three days of reducing everything to a sterile list! Worse still, I couldn't think of ten things for any one topic - forget reducing life to a sterile list, it was an effort to expand the list to ten items. Besides, a list of ten was supposed to be short and to the point - then I kept writing and writing about each point until it was ridiculous! It all seemed like such a wonderful idea at the beginning of the month, but my plans have sunk into ignominity. Which is a shame really, because I have a list of [thirty] x [ten things] sitting on the desk going to waste.

And so today I return to the ten things. Momentarily. I make no promises to continue beyond this moment. (My imagination for turning everyday moments into a stunning revelation has dwindled as the day progressed - a list seems to require less thought)

Besides, I'm talking lists of ten in my sleep with topics like ten things I bought at the supermarket yesterday. (I didn't go to the supermarket yesterday) Or ten chocolate bars I love. (Oh the pain of choosing only ten!) Or ten blogs I read. (For all the time I spend in blogland, I only read about five regularly. Sorry to the remaining bloggers of the world!) Or ten cosmetic items I couldn't live without. (Vanity, vanity!) I must give my brain an outlet!

So, ten mood driven decisions I make.
  1. Cooking. Frank thinks I cook to suit his tastes, but it's all a bit more self-centred than that. What do I feel like cooking tonight? Nothing? Then nothing it is!
  2. Make-up colours, or whether I wear make-up at all! Completely mood driven.
  3. Chocolate variety. Not that mood matters that much here - any chocolate will suffice!
  4. DVD viewing. Is it a girlie movie night or a serious, thought provoking movie night?
  5. Wardrobe colour. It just will not do to wear all pink if the mood says blue - the whole day feels wrong!
  6. Order of housework. Hmmm, what's easiest, dusting or bathroom scrubbing?
  7. Music. There's nothing worse than trying to relax to Dido if all you want is Mozart!
  8. Exercise routine. It's far more energising when my walk follows a path that takes in the view my soul requires today.
  9. Restaurant. The dish might be sublime, but if it's Italian when I crave Thai it just won't tickle the taste buds. (Having said that, food mood aside, if I didn't have to cook it then it probably does taste sublime!)
  10. Interpersonal relationships. If you're not in the mood for talking there's not much point striking up a conversation. It will only end in tears. (This is a politically correct way of saying that grumpiness or happiness dictate the way I relate to people. Shameful but true)
What moods drive you?


At 6:50 am, November 10, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Mainly just food to be honest. A lot of my other things are "have to" but I guess the fudgy ice cream and the decadent chocolate are just dependent on my mood. I'm just lucky that it appears I have a fast metabolism....by rights I should be the size of a small house by now! :)


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