Saturday, November 04, 2006

10 favourite Tassie spots

Yesterday was a trip around the world – a very brief trip with rather random destinations I have to say. Basically the first ten places that came into my head. Oh OK, there was some sort of selection process, but how do you pick ten of the best places you’ve been to? Impossible! I might have to repeat this another day with another ten places.

So today is a trip around Tasmania, the beautiful state I now call home. I don’t call myself Tasmanian though – apart from not being sure what to call myself (the result of living in far too many places), it seems you have to have to be born here to claim that title, or have clocked up at least 50 years on the Apple Isle. I’ve reached almost six, so there’s quite a way to go.

Anyway, none of that stops me appreciating the beauty of the place, so here are my top ten Tassie locations. Enjoy!
  1. The Tamar Valley. Large, lazy river; lush green hills; wineries and orchards… there’s a reason we got married on the Tamar. It’s just too beautiful to go anywhere else!
  2. The Huon Valley. Another large, lazy river; lush green hills; wineries and orchards… maybe we should have got married here?! When the river is still and reflects the trees and scenery it ministers to those dry, crusty places in my heart.
  3. The East Coast. It doesn’t matter which direction you look, there are dramatic mountains, beautiful bays, pristine beaches. And Coles Bay has a great pizza shop.
  4. The Great Western Tiers. A stretch of mountains filled with numerous beautiful, challenging bushwalks. Driving past them is also a delight - fertile farmland set against the backdrop of rocky peaks.
  5. Liffey Falls. Park up the top, walk down hill for twenty minutes and you find yourself at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. Drink in the sights and sounds or show your talent at balancing on stones in the river bed… then head back home feeling refreshed.
  6. Beauty Point. OK, so it’s the Tamar again, but it’s called Beauty Point for a reason. Stately yachts grace the harbour while the seagulls sore overhead.
  7. Mount Barrow. This peak is home to a number of towers and it provides a view over Launceston, and on a good day, to the sea. The drive up is a bit hair raising – narrow hairpin bends overhung by dramatic ‘organ pipe’ rocks. And it’s always freezing at the top!
  8. Notley Fern Gorge. A delightful little dell full of green, green moss and the biggest ferns on the face of the earth – they’re even taller than Frank!
  9. Cradle Mountain. I know it’s a cliché, but it really is a beauty! We tried to climb it once, but it was covered in snow and pretty sheer… and… well… I freaked out and Frank did the chivalrous thing and stayed with me just 100 metres from the top while everyone else pressed on. I was very impressed with his chivalry though.
  10. Table Cape. In October it’s tulip season and you can wander in fields of colour, looking out over Bass Strait while the cliffs fall dramatically to the sea.
That’s a short list of Tasmania’s places of beauty. The list could go on and on – so when are you coming to visit?!


At 7:04 am, November 04, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Next time we come to Tasmania we're going to stay longer and not attend a wedding :) Just the little bit that we did see was gorgeous!


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