Friday, October 20, 2006

vegies for sale - and bugs as well!

I had to chuckle today.

I was in my favourite fruit and veg shop, as mentioned in previous blogs, stocking up on high quality fruit and veg. Being a Friday afternoon, it was chockas... people everywhere. Since it's a small store it's hard to move when too many people crowd in.

There I was standing at the register, breathing in and thinking small thoughts in the vain hope I might take up a bit less space as the throng pressed around me.

One of the staff turned to the man in line behind me and started a conversation. This city is small, and just one more thing I love about Ye Olde Green Grocer is that if you shop there for long enough, they recognise you and chat with you as they work. It's great!

"How are you?" she asked the gentleman behind me. "Feeling better today?"

"No I'm worse. I think I might have gastro now. I've been vomiting a bit and not feeling well."

In that moment the crowds stopped their frenzied shopping and recoiled away from the man. For an instant silence reigned as the same thought ran through every mind - "get away from me, I don't want your bug!"

Too bad for me - I was standing right beside him! I don't think we touched any of the same surfaces, but who knows! Besides we could potentially be suffering from the same bug, as I couldn't eat more than an apple for lunch because I wasn't feeling great... only I had the common sense not to advertise my ill health to the world! (My fridge is still clean by the way! I have however been in something of an emotional storm this week and that always puts me off my food)

The moment passed, a few people joked about him not passing the bug along to them. I payed for my vegetables and stepped outside into the warm, bright sunlight, chuckling about someone who would dare to mention they have gastro while standing in the middle of a maddenning crowd. So long as I don't get gastro, I think it's hilarious!


At 11:18 pm, October 20, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Ewww, I hope you don't get sick! I'm sorry about the emotional storm....I hope for smoother sailing for you soon. We're going to have a busy weekend but I'll try to ring you on Monday. Love you!


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