Monday, October 16, 2006

gorgeous from the inside out

Today I found a cute little book and better still, it has a beautiful message.

I just happenned to be browsing around a local bookshop. As you do.

Well as I do. A lot.

Usually I demonstrate a fair amount of self-restraint - when I want to purchase 20 titles (and more), I tell myself to visit the local library and borrow them instead. By the time I get to the library I can't remember exactly what it was I wanted to borrow, but no worries, I always find another 20 books of interest! Last time I borrowed a book I reborrowed it three times, at which point the librarian primly advised me that I could not reborrow again. I made an exerted effort to finish it before the last ever due date, but alas, the book was returned unfinished. Wonder if I can borrow it again now?!

So there I was, browsing around this afternoon, when suddenly I found myself in the novelty, giftbook section of the store. I'd already covered the non-fiction section where I found the 'Rough Guide to Blogging' (I kid you not!) and managed to resist the strong tug I felt to buy it, and now I was surrounded by thought provoking books of quotes and cute little picture books that made me grin.

And there it was. The cutest book of all. Cute and thought provoking all in one:

"How to be beautiful. A master makeover from the inside out."

When I opened it up, I was blown away. There were the words of Jesus translated into a delightful, cute, modern, relevant form.

"Walk into your wardrobe, that secret cluttered place from which you clothe yourself, and toss out the things that do not become you. Cast off the jacket of jealousy, the coat of conceitedness, and the suit of selfishness."


"Manicure your hands for helping."


"Exercise... discretion."

all finished off with

"If you follow this routine every day, dear woman, you will be radiant, glowing and very, very beautiful."

Wow... I need to read this little number every morning, let it sink into my soul, and live it out through the day.

Apart from the fact that it's good for my soul, I feel that the purchase is somewhat balanced out by my donation today of ten books to a great little second hand bookshop in town... It's a great second hand bookshop once you've sorted through all the junk and found the treasure. My contribution (a mixture of sad, old picture books, trashy novels, and quality Christian titles that Frank and I doubled up on in the big wed) potentially contributed to the junk quotient, but never mind. Anything to justify a worthy cause.

So girls - remember to "put on the foundation of love and the powder of patience" and be that beautiful woman you really are. From the inside out!


At 1:31 pm, October 17, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Thats really cute! ;)


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