Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yesterday Frank and I had a few windows measured for curtains and blinds.

I was a bit embarrassed to discover just how many spider webs were hanging from the ceiling, not to mention the window frames!

Then it got worse.

We recently had duet blinds fitted in our back room by a different supplier. Frank suggested that to prevent an uncomfortable moment, I should walk the curtain man around the house, rather than through the house when it came time to measure downstairs. (We wanted windows measured upstairs and downstairs)

Dutiful wife that I am, when Mr Curtains finished measuring upstairs, I guided him outside and down the driveway to the downstairs room, feeling rather sheepish about my subtefuge.

It was then that our plans came undone.

Mr Curtains, being quite an observant bloke, noted the eaves over the upstairs windows. He commented about how good they looked and how effective they were at keeping the sun out, and he wished more people would use them. And then... you guessed it. Mr Curtains noticed the blinds - well of course, that's his job! He notices blinds and curtains. Doah.

I was sprung. Egg on face! My subtefuge was blown. My attempts to cover up were futile. (I'm not sure he figured out that that was why we'd come around the long way!)

Incidently, there was nothing uncomfortable about the situation. He commended us on such an excellent choice of window dressing, complemented the eaves again, and admired the tinted glass! Then he merrily went on his measuring way, even dropping me back at work afterwards!

The moral of the story? Don't bother hiding things - it just isn't worth it. They're bound to be discovered and you end up looking stupid. Yes...


At 9:32 pm, October 05, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

LOL, I hate getting sprung! Just wait til you have kids - no point trying to hide ANYTHING then :)


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