Wednesday, September 27, 2006

delightful rain

As I write, dark rain clouds are looming, threatening to rain down on us. How exciting!

Usually winter is the wet season here, and last August we had the biggest floods in thirty years. Not this year - Tasmania has had it's driest winter on record. And I hadn't even realised.

All eyes have been on the mainland, with predictions of the worst drought on record, debate over water recycling and reports of towns running out of water before summer even arrives. I totally missed that Tasmania is also in drought - we seem to be the lushest, greenest state most of the time.

But now there are rain clouds hovering. These aren't the first. We've had night time rains for almost a week now... not that they did much at first. Strong winds whipped the moisture away almost immediately. Then came Sunday - it rained most of the day. Beautiful soaking rain. You could almost hear the earth sucking up the moisture. Slurp!

I didn't run outside and dance in it, though I kind of wish I had. I'm feeling a bit crusty and dry on the inside and could do with a good soak. Time to jump into God's shower of love I think, and soften up my hard places until I become a nice person again.


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