Sunday, September 10, 2006

just a minor detail ...

Two Saturdays ago Frank and I went for a drive along the Tamar River. It has to be one of my favourite places in Tasmania - which is why we got married along the Tamar in January!

Our wedding was nearly eight months ago (I know - unbelieveable isn't it) so we decided it was high time we went and personally thanked the people who helped make our day special. Armed with yummy chocolates we headed north and before long (courtesy of a business quote) we ended up at Green's Beach.

Frank and I love relaxing together at Green's Beach, so we took the time to stroll along the sand, bracing ourselves against the bighting wind. Cold wind aside, it was wonderful to be outside enjoying some fresh air and engaging with nature instead of being stuck between four walls. We took great delight in searching out the most beautiful stones and shells on the beach, watching the waves come in and drinking in the beauty of God's creation.

As we walked we had to be careful exactly where we placed our feet, since September sees Green's Beach turn into a breeding ground for the Pied Oystercatcher. Apparently these birds 'build' nests in the sand and lay their eggs - the only problem being that they are pretty makeshift nests that are easy to miss and step on. Everyone is asked to walk close to the waterline. We didn't see any eggs and I don't think we accidently stepped on any! But we did see a Pied Oystercatcher couple - they could even have been courting since they ran shyly away from us!

Follow this link to read more about Pied Oystercatchers (since I can't work out how to incorporate a photo from the webpage at this exact point in my discourse!):


After an icecream (yes, it was freezing, but it just isn't a proper trip to Green's Beach without an icecream!), we hopped back in the car and continued on to make our thanks known. Koukla's Cafe at Gravelly Beach was first. We handed over the chocolates, and they handed back thanks for being such a calm bride! An obligatory raspberry sundae later, and we were on our way to Freshwater Point Homestead to catch up with Michelle and Rob who had so graciously hosted our wedding affair.

Except the roadsigns pointing the direction were gone, the gates were locked, no one was home. We were left standing with a spare box of chocolates on our hands - and after an icecream and sundae, it just was not advisable for us to consume them as well! How disappointing. Our drive home was filled with regret that we were not able to say thanks.

On arriving home I set to investigating exactly what had happenned. The answering machine still played Michelle's voice, but she never called back. Next stop, the internet, source of all knowledge! Aha... the official website informed me that stage 2 of renovations were underway, and Freshwater would be closed until 2007. Great to know, but how could we pass on our thanks to Michelle and Rob? I sighed deeply, and asked that God might help us to reestablish contact with them.

And he heard my prayer! This week Frank was out shopping when he bumped into somebody he knew - Michelle! She gave Frank their new phone number and address, and we'll be able to catch up, eat chocolate and look at photos together! Isn't that a perfect ending to the story? I'm just amazed at God's interest in the little details of my life. Thankyou God!


At 10:00 pm, September 10, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Ok, that is pretty cool! I am glad you didn't need to resort to more "stalkerish" methods to pass on the chocolates ;)

At 8:20 am, September 11, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

LOL - I tried the stalker methods, and actually found all their details online... but decided it wasn't very nice to follow them up that way! It made the story far too long to tell you all about that!


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