Monday, August 14, 2006

small blessings

Life is full of small blessings - if I only took the time to notice and appreciate them. Take this for example.

The other day Frank did an amazing job of tidying up the back yard. He made borders from old train sleepers, weeded around the plants, and swept the paths.

He also moved the bins around to the side of the house. The far side of the house. Where I have to walk a long, long way if I want to dispose of any household rubbish. I thanked him for making the backyard look so tidy, and graciously suggested that he might be the sole rubbish taker-outer of our household from now on.

Then last night I discovered that moving the bins has actually been one of those small blessings.

Check it out... if I open the bathroom window and look down - there are the bins right below! No need to walk a long, long way if I want to dispose of any household waste. Simply open the window and drop it into the waiting bins! Perfect.

I must add that at this stage I haven't taken advantage of this small blessing. Truth be told, I'm a little concerned about leaving the bin lid open and ready, since the neighbours cat might somehow jump in to avail herself of juicy scraps and become locked in an unpleasant prison. Not nice. And the recycled bottles might not survive... But I am tickled pink to think that something as silly as the bins being moved could make me feel so happy afterall!


At 9:56 pm, August 14, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Hahaha, I think Frank's suggestion is a good one, and it makes a great deal more sense now that I've read your blog ;)


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