Tuesday, August 01, 2006

brush with fame

Shhh, I'm at work and really shouldn't be spending time on my blog... but this is huge!

Brant and Shelly Webb (think Beaconsfield gold mine for 14 days) have just been sighted by my very own eyes. I kid you not!

Even more impressive, I recognised them from behind as I followed them along a corridor. Her hair gave it away. (Before you think this is all a figment of my imagination, let me assure you that I saw his face and have made a positive identification)

I'm trying not to get too carried away about this brush with fame, but I missed the whole thing when he was here before, so I have to write SOMEthing now!

The only reason I haven't bowled up to them and said a cheery "hello" is because, well, you know... it must be awful to be famous and have everyone whispering quietly behind your back as you walk past!

So I'm not talking about this with the other girls (we're all being very discreet here) - just whispering to you my online friends instead.

But please don't tell anyone!


At 2:30 pm, August 01, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

*whispering (which is hard to do when you're excited!)* woohoo! I'm so impressed ;) I'm glad you finally got your brush with fame!

At 7:22 pm, August 01, 2006, Blogger Big Mama said...

Wher do your work that you saw them?

At 6:08 am, August 04, 2006, Blogger sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Hi - got your link from Robyn's blog..hello :) Sorry - maybe its cuz I am from the states, but who are Brant and Shelley Webb?

At 5:54 pm, August 04, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

There were two miners trapped down a mine in Tasmania for two weeks (not far from where I live)... he was one of those miners.

bigmama... I work in a hospital. But I haven't broken any confidentiality laws by mentioning them.

At 8:31 pm, August 04, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

Awfully exciting. You should have asked for a few thousand bucks. They seem to be pretty good at getting free hand-outs, might as well give em a chance to give a couple too. :-D

Naughty, sinister, insensitive me.

I shook Bob Carr's hand once. Nice guy. Not that that has anything to do with the price of fish in China...


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