Thursday, August 24, 2006

warm fuzzy reflections

I've been trying take time to reflect on life. It races along at breakneck speed, and before I know it - another day has gone. Into the ether. Never to be seen again. Ask me tomorrow, and I probably won't remember half of what I did today. (Especially as I'm a walking zombie at present) Thousands of moments lost to memory.

I don't really want to let my life disappear into the abyss of 'forgottenness'! I'd like to think that each moment I live builds something good into me, grows and develops me into a better person. So I'm trying to take time out to reflect. I've gotten into the habit of getting up early each morning, and sitting quietly to read, think, pray - to take in all that is happenning and let my soul catch up with my body.

This morning I thought about a few things...

One, I talk too much and need to learn to curb my tongue! (Mental note to self: there is no need to voice every thought that flits across my brain)

Two, I loved the tea I cooked last night! I bought a slow cooker recently, so yesterday saw corned beef and vegies simmering all day long. The aroma permeated through the house and triggered many memories of the delicious meals Mum used to cook. And not only a pleasant smell - this meal tasted good too! Salty and satisfying.

Three, I know God and that's amazing.
I was walking past the Christadelphian Hall last week when I noticed the sign announcing the topic of their next meeting, "What is God really like?" My mind moved down its time worn path of 'humph, what would you know anyway?' that it usually follows when reading Christadelphian signs. Suddenly it hit me - I already know what God is really like! I know him! And as that truth danced around in my mind, I felt a warm glow as if God was enveloping me in a big hug. Love, truth, mercy, justice, beauty, holiness - at which point I gave up listing his attributes and just basked in the glow of knowing and being known. I walked the rest of the way home with a skip in my step and a lift in my heart. I know God, the great one of the universe - how good is that?!

Enough warm fuzzies... I'm really getting into this reflection thing, and I'm loving life. There is so much to appreciate.


At 4:40 pm, August 27, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Yay, blogger is cooperating and I can comment! Good reflections....isn't it COOL that God lets us, actually WANTS us to know Him?! Truly amazing.
I'm off to see if you're home and able to chat, see ya!


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