Tuesday, August 29, 2006

smashing through utter exhaustion

I have been so tired lately. And I don't know why.

This isn't normal "I need more sleep" tiredness (well it might be that too!) - it's whole body, dragging tiredness that leaves me wanting to escape life completely and enter a vegetative state until my energy levels are restored. Since that is quite simply impossible - and if it wasn't I would most likely be bored to tears - I need to find another solution.

This week my solution hunt has focused on increased exercise. This is no easy task, since I (like the rest of you) hardly have a spare second in any day. So it's all about capitalising on the moments I do possess. Like walking to work. It takes me about fifteen minutes to walk to or from work, ten if I walk very fast, and forty five if I walk to the shops and then home. I figure if I walk faster, it wakes me up more. So I've started walking faster to and from work. Unfortunately that also tires me out more. A no-win situation! Walking to the shops on the other hand, did put a dent in my wallet, but it left me feeling more energised. What price energy?!

Experiment number two. Jogging on the spot inside the house - no time taken getting to an exercise facility, no equipment necessary, just a few minutes of focus and intent. Yeah, sounds boring doesn't it?! It was. I gave up after something between five and ten minutes. It did warm me up, but this is not a long-term option.

Tonight I tried a different approach. Forget boring jogging - try dancing around the room to your favourite music! It's much more fun. Make that dancing around the room to classical music and you've got even more fun.

Frank was humming and whistling a Tchaikovsky tune from "The Nutcracker Suite" tonight and I just couldn' resist. I put the music on (I love it!), pumped it up loud and went for it, dancing, jumping, spinning, swirling, clapping, kossaking, bumping, laughing... a flash of whirling colour around the room (in my dreams anyway!). It was exhilarating for both Frank and I, since he laughed himself silly while I jigged around the room.

I think this might be the solution I'm looking for! Dancing around the room to cherished music puts the zing back in my veins! (All welcome to join me for the fun!)

Addit: My alarm rings out at 6am... and now when I wake it is to the sound of gentle birdsong and a soft light in the sky. Soon, very soon it will be beautiful summer and I'll be full of UV-induced beans. Yay!


At 10:13 am, August 30, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

LOL, now thats something I wish I could have seen :) I don't suppose Frank grabbed the video camera? Great idea if its working for you though!

At 2:02 pm, August 30, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

ahhh yes, the perennial exercise problem.

michelle and i promised each other we'd take out gym memberships this year to look after that. pity we didn't even make it to the gym ... :-D

our latest thing is going for a morning jog 3 times a week. trouble is when you have a small group study to write it can be a bit hard to justify the 30 mins required ...

but if dancing works for u, i might have to give it a try. how can u think up so many different moves? to the nutcracker suite especially?

mmmm, no wonder frank was entertained ...

* chuckles *

At 4:17 pm, August 30, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

thankfully no cameras were employed - a whirling flash of colour is not necessarily a graceful picture! I somehow managed to remain standing when dizziness took over, but I must have looked quite drunk swaying around the room!

Luke - what's thirty minutes for a life time of better health huh?!


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