Saturday, September 02, 2006

staid and stodgy

Yesterday I was awakened to the fact that I am stodgy and staid. I am still trying to come to turns with this in my mind. It is not easy.

I was walking home from work at about 4pm, and a gentle rain was falling. (Thankyou God for gentle rain - this has been the driest winter on record in Tasmania) I pulled my hood up, tucked my chin in and set my nose in the direction of our dry, comforting abode. The pitter patter of the rain served to settle my mind after a particularly busy day and so I shut the rest of the world out and let my mind wander (to everything I had to do this weekend but never mind).

Well, I walked along and tried to shut the rest of the world out! My reveree was rudely broken by the broooom of a car engine and the squeal of tyres. I roled my eyes at the piece of testosterone racing up the street and thought less than gracious thoughts about idiot boys who drive like crazies.

Gradually the rain did its soothing work and my mind settled back into its reveree.
BROOOOM, squeeeeeal
Unbelievable! Another testosterone rev-head raced past.
Broooom, squeeeeeeal
Again!! By the time I arrived home, more than five cars had squealed past me. Every testosterone crazed male in the city seemed to be out!

I'm not quite vain enough to think they were engaging in an ancient courting ritual to get my attention. I suppose it might be possible, but honestly, my uniform just isn't that glam! And if they were trying to impress, they were going about it completely the wrong way. I'm a nurse. I care for patients who have suffered severe injuries in car accidents. Some of them have survived but someone else in their car was killed. Some of them were the victims of other drivers who thought they could outwit Tasmania's narrow, winding roads only to drive straight into my patient's car. I do not find any of this amusing. In fact I find it quite tragic. If everyone would just slow down there would be a lot less car accidents.

(Getting off my soapbox and returning to the story...)

So there I was walking home in the rain while crazy boys used the wet conditions to fishtail up the street - for goodness sake! It's raining! Rain = increased danger = time to slow down.

No? Am I wrong here? Have I missed something? Is it suddenly safe to swing from one side of the road to the other in the rain? What is going on?

Suddenly it hit me. I am staid and stodgy.

C'mon Cecily - these are just young guys looking for a cheap thrill! Give them a break! Follow them with your eyes as they whiz past. Smile indulgently at their youth and exuberance. Wish them well. Stop expecting them to think beyond the moment. Allow them the freedom to express their delight at the rain in their own way. Don't force everyone to conform to your own way of thinking! Don't be so sensible for once.

So there you have it. Staid and stodgy. Thinking like an old woman. Scary! I think I need to put a stop to this and go and do something particularly youthful. Any ideas out there?!


At 8:06 pm, September 05, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

Ancient courting ritual? Involving fast cars and screeching tyres??


Yup, staid and stodgy Cec. It has a bit of a ring to it really. I spose if you want to be young again, you could buy some spray paint and follow said idiot boys and spray "SLOW DOWN" on their back screen. But then they'd actually have to use their rear view mirror. Hmm. Tricky one!!

At 1:40 pm, September 07, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

LOL, If you're stody and staid what does that make me?! I say go and frolic in a field somewhere or do something silly with balloons, or even do your dancing in your living room - isn't that youthful?


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