Thursday, November 02, 2006

10 ways I waste serious amounts of time

OK, so my name hasn't reached NaBloPoMo fame yet - I haven't even been listed on the website! Last count, there were 400 names to be added and that was two days before I sent my email of registration. For all I know, I might never be added! Who cares? I can still blog away to my heart's content - I'll just have to find another way of achieving fame.

Now for the serious, deep thoughts I'm writing for today.

10 ways I waste serious amounts of time.
  1. Blogging - writing, rewriting, reading, aimless surfing. I pour countless hours into the blogging black hole.
  2. Checking email. You never know, someone might have emailed me in the last ten minutes!
  3. Web Sudoku. What is the point of this? I don't know, but have you ever felt that sense of achievement when you've whittled your best time down by another millisecond?! I like to think it helps me unwind, but aiming to beat the clock is not such a relaxing past time!
  4. Reading recipe books. Always searching for the best recipe ever. Or just hunting for that great recipe I saw the other day but can't quite remember which book it was in! Dad was right, a recipe data base is not such a bad idea... or sticky notes might work!
  5. Australian Idol. They sing entertainingly, the commentary is reasonable, but it's hardly quality television. So why can't I stop watching it? (By the way - Jess should win. No maybe Chris should. One of them anyway)
  6. Chatting on MSN Messenger. Not that chatting is bad, maintaining relationships and all of that, but mostly I talk about inconsequential things. Our relationship wouldn't be worse if we hadn't chatted. Well OK... I have had one or two serious conversations, but mostly it's a form of procrastination that keeps me from that Word document I really should be working on!
  7. Sleeping on the couch in the sun. I'm not sure this one is really a time waster. Ever heard of power naps? Nanna naps? There is a small amount of benefit to be gained here. However I'd probably be better off going to bed earlier and doing something productive in the early afternoon!
  8. Pacing from one room to the other, feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks calling out to me, vainly trying to decide what I should do next, ultimately achieving nothing.
  9. Staring vacantly into space. When the brain reaches meltdown and there's nothing else you can do but take a little time out.
  10. Taking photos of numerous itsy, bitsy nothings, just to post on my blog. I find this relaxing and it provides outlet for my creative juices. So I take it back... this isn't wasting my time, I'm just struggling to find 10 ways I waste my time. Mostly I'm time efficient - except for the blogging. Sigh.
So how do you waste your time?!


At 8:13 pm, November 02, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Hmmmm sometimes I think I'm just wasting my time period....but thats probably not what you're getting at! :) Lets see, TV, computer, puzzles, thats about it I think. Sleep would be nice!

At 9:25 pm, November 02, 2006, Anonymous luke said...

I waste time shopping for lenses. And posting on photography forums. And post-processing photos.



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