Thursday, November 16, 2006

dud blog

This is my first NaBloPoMo dud blog... just too much happenning to write anything worthwhile.

Someone at work twisted my arm to help them present at a nursing conference. Tomorrow. I haven't prepared yet. I'm going to write a couple of stories about graduates - everyone loves a story. I've been in denial all day, procrastinating, and now I'm stressing at the last moment.

A friend is coming for tea. We swap between each other's place every Thursday and then head out to aqua aerobics together. I love Thursday evenings, because it is my space, filled with girl time and envigorating exercise. It's a highlight of my week, so I'm not squeezing that time just to prepare for a conference with 100 people present!

Another friend is having a showing of a few trinkets and jewels at her place. Her mum runs a market stall and sells things you can't find in the shops. I have a feeling that it's important for me to go... not because I'm a shopaholic or anything, but because I'm just getting to know this woman and I would like to do the friendly, supportive thing. Oh OK, I'm a shopaholic and I might pick up a few Christmas presents. So I'll drop in after aqua aerobics.

Then there were a host of other things that I've already completed since arriving home - university application, wrapping a baby shower present, phoning a local business for important information, emailing sunday songs.

It's one busy evening, so I'm going to love you and leave you!

And I didn't even include preparing tea...
And I'm not really a shopaholic...


At 9:10 pm, November 16, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Dud blog...sorry you're getting a dud comment too! We're just home from a preschool disco, not had dinner yet, I've still got 3 files to complete (aarrghh!) let alone the other jobs that need to happen before I can go to bed....so I'm off too. Good for you not giving up your girly time btw!


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