Monday, November 13, 2006

rainy day freedom

Today I wished I had a job where you have to stay home if it's raining. Then I would have had the day off!

It started out as a wet, wet, wet affair this morning. Frank can't work in wet weather, so he got to stay home. Meanwhile I looked glumly out the window, contemplating whether to bravely walk to work or jump in the car. I didn't want to get wet, but I needed the exercise of walking. Beautiful man that he is, Frank solved the problem by driving me to work - I got to stay dry and exercise on the way home. Perfect - especially since the sun was shining by the afternoon.

While I was watching the news tonight I realised what a privilege it is to be able to get outside on a rainy day. Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader of Burma, has been under house arrest for years. Not allowed outside. Not allowed to have coffee with her friends. Unable to dance in a field of grass (if that's what you do when you're delighted in Burma). Unable to mingle with humanity.

Imagine that - not allowed out of your house because the government doesn't like what you believe! I wonder if I would stick with what I believed if the stakes were that high? I'd like to think I would, but do I have that kind of strength?

Well, while I contemplate my depth of character I will take the time to be thankful that I can go outside. Whenever I want. Rain, hail or shine. Thankyou God for the wonderful freedom that I enjoy! Thankyou for the chance to go to work in the rain.


At 6:56 am, November 14, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

I would go stir crazy (or worse) if I were under house arrest.
Walking in the rain (particularly if you're on your way home, not so much if you're headed out somewhere) is on of the most liberating experiences! Although I challenge you to walk sedately, I always want to dance or run or splash in puddles! Must be something about that scene in Singin in the Rain :)

At 7:03 am, November 14, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

I have memories of you walking home from Bethany's place in the pouring rain after a sleepover. We were both feeling sorry for you but you just told us how much you loved it. It definintely has to be on the way home for me to enjoy it... nothing worse than slopping around in wet shoes and trousers. Frank also drove me because I had something heavy I needed to take to work, and he was concerned about the weight and not just the rain. Sweet, lovely man.


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