Tuesday, December 04, 2007

can I have another piece of chocolate cake?

I decided today was the day to phone for my blood results.

First I ate the final mini Crunchie given to me by a kind neighbour, in case my cholesterol indicated the need to immediately forego chocolaty pleasure.

Next I made the phone call: Total Lipids 4.5 (this is good), HDL or good lipids 1.9 (this is excellent), LDL or bad lipids 2.3 (this is a little high but in view of the other results being so good I don't need to worry).

Last I celebrated with some well earned chocolate.

Oh OK, I made that last bit up, but to my friend who thinks I eat too much chocolate - there is no way on God's green earth that I can give up on it for six weeks! Besides, I'm hardly dizzy anymore.

On another positively chocolaty note, I found this advertisement in our drug book at work the other day. (Stay on the home page for a full overview of the benefits of chocolate)

The health benefits of chocolate being advertised in a drug book? What is the world coming to? Obviously something good! I just want to know who likes dark chocolate that much, and who ever eats only two pieces per day?

And I'm loving the disclaimer - I have no doubt it was written for people just like me.

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At 12:30 am, December 05, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

I love dark chocolate. As a matter of fact it's the only chocolate I'll eat. It's time for me to get on a new regimin. Two tiny pieces of chocolate a day. I guess it's better than a glass of wine a day.

At 1:04 pm, December 05, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

Dark chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

At 10:01 am, December 06, 2007, Blogger Mike S said...

I love dark chocolate and my readings are great. My mean little Italian lady doctor even approves of a small amount daily.(do you realize how hard it is to intimidate an Italian lady doctor into increasing the amount allowed?)

At 12:30 pm, December 06, 2007, Blogger Cherie said...

Well, Cecily, I showed Tom your 'chocolate is good for you' link. He grinned while reading and said, "I love Cecily."

You guessed it! He loves dark chocolate, too. I need to have him find a mean little Italian doctor lady.


Happy happy news that your numbers were so excellent!

At 5:41 am, December 07, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

Such beautiful, flowing script on that chocolate benefits page, too. It must be accurate!

Great to get good news from the doctor!


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