Sunday, November 25, 2007

i have a dream

I feel quite deflated tonight.

Not because I'm unhappy with the election result (in fact I am very happy with it).

Perhaps because I stayed up too late last night just to hear Kevin Rudd give his acceptance speech. After I stayed up too late the night before. And too late the night before. And the night before... my head has been a little dizzy all day.

Mostly I'm deflated because I feel gypped by the Australian election process. Yes I wanted change. Yes I think our country has become more selfish, mean and self absorbed under Mr Howard's leadership and I would like to see us move towards embracing compassion, justice and good stewardship of more than just our money. But it's terribly harsh.

Last night I watched the whole thing, from the start of the count to Kevin Rudd's first speech as Prime Minister elect. I rode the crest of the ever increasing wave of Labour's victory and I rejoiced.

But at the same time I felt the pain of those who lost their seats. Some had been Ministers in the Liberal Government. Poof. Gone. Others had been representing their communities tirelessly for only three years. Again - poof, gone.

So black and white.

And yet the reality is so grey. In many areas (with our crazy system of preferences) it's difficult to know who an electorate really wants to represent them. Truth be told, I don't really want a Labour or Liberal candidate representing me, but in the end I had no option but to vote for one or the other at some point on my voting slip. No doubt there are countless others who feel as I do.

I always remember reading a book called 'Partly Right' by Tony Campolo. He points out that most philosophies, perspectives and political persuasions are... partly right. So Labour are partly right, Liberal are partly right and yes, even the Greens are partly right. But only one can be in Government at a time.

What a shame! Rather than work together for a better world, we tear each other apart and oppose each other for the sake of a parliamentary system built on 'keeping the bastards honest'. How much a better country would Australia be if we could take those partly right bits from each party and turn them into a whole right. We could all work together. We could make the world a better place by combining the best from every side.

Sounds like a much better idea to me. And then John Howard wouldn't be packing his bags after an embarrassing loss. He wouldn't be facing loss in his own electorate. Love and camaraderie would rule as we all work together for the greater good. That would be wonderful.

For now I'm just hoping Kevin Rudd can lead us forward wisely and well. Maybe we won't be as economically prosperous, but hopefully we can hold our heads proud and high as we respond to the pressing needs of our world with justice and integrity.

That's my dream. That Australia might lead the way in promoting peace, kindness, compassion and generosity. And that one day we'll all be one. Living in perfect harmony.

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At 2:06 am, November 26, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

You do sound tired Cecily. Good for you though, keeping up on what you feel is important and following through. You do it more than most people I know.

Sleep well.


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