Saturday, November 24, 2007


I felt like Scrooge this morning, all grumpy and miserable about Christmas and wishing everyone else would just stop the fuss.

All I wanted to do was duck into town and quickly gather a few supplies for a BBQ lunch we were hosting. I forgot (more precisely I didn't even know) about the annual Christmas Parade. As I tried to make my way to the necessary shops my path was obstructed by families sitting on the footpath munching on cheese and biscuits waiting for the parade.

Hello! Saturday morning? I need to get some jobs done and you're all in my way. Is this reasonable?

I parked my bike, locked it to a pole and waded through the crowds. One good thing was the emptying of the shops into the streets, so I received quick service. And I didn't have to worry about watching for traffic when crossing the road - once I'd cleared a path to the gutter I could stroll across with ease. However I did wish I hadn't worn my 'eat money?' T-shirt. It may have made an excellent political statement at the polling booth (I was hoping for a TV camera...) but walking out in front of several hundred people all geed up with excited anticipation at the thought of ute loads of dancing reindeer parading past - it might not have been such a great choice.

So I stomped through the crowds grumpily, begrudging everyone their sunny happiness.

Until I looked at everyone and really noticed them. Boys and girls scrubbed clean in spiffy Christmas clothing, relaxed laughter from mums and dads catching up with old friends, sunglasses, hats, sandals. All these people chilling out and enjoying the day.

How could I be grumpy about that? It was then I realised I was being a Scrooge - raining on everyone else's parade.

So I set a smile on my face, politely excused myself as I weaved in and out of the crowd and wished them all a fun parade before heading home for a my own relaxing time enjoying the sun with good friends.

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At 2:02 pm, November 25, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

Hey, Cecily, I haven't kept up so well with you this week. Good of you to let the Christmas spirit dispel Scrooginess, but I can understand.

Do they always hold the parade this early? It seems early here, too, for the holiday season that has begun its full swing.

A Christmas parade with sandals, hats, and sunglasses. Very different from my perspective! Hope you enjoyed the BBQ.

At 9:22 pm, November 25, 2007, Blogger Lucidiocy said...

Hey Cec,

I understand. I went to Eugene yesterday for a friend's surprise party and the hotel where we stayed was hosting the "Festival of Trees" and I was very frustrated with the crowd because they made it so difficult to get to my room. They were all moving slowly and oohing and ahhing and Jeff and I had an argument and I just wanted to scream when I got behind an elderly lady in her wheelchair because my bag was heavy and my purse was ripping out my hair.I felt miserable and selfish.

I think I need to tell someone, "I'm sorry."

Merry Christmas Cec, and thanks for reminding to check myself and my heart so often.


At 9:40 pm, November 25, 2007, Blogger Cecily said...

Deanna, I have no idea when the Christmas Parade is usually held! But it's always sunny. I've been surprised at how 'early' the decorations etc seem to have gone up this year, but I think it's more that the year seems to have gone fast than things being done earlier. :)

Tamar, my first Christmas well wishes from you. :) thankyou. Ah, we're all cranky bums sometimes aren't we?! Man, I just want to have coffee with you so bad.


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