Thursday, November 22, 2007

postman, postman stop bringing those letters

Over at Dublin City Girl, Dublin City Girl wrote of her joy at recently receiving a real life letter.

I agree.
I love receiving real life letters.
I just hardly ever receive them.
However, despite hardly receiving any, I still check the letter box religiously with keen anticipation... reminds me of when I was a kid. At the slightest sound of the postman's motorbike coming up the street I would run out to meet him at the letter box. I think one year I was even waiting there with a Christmas present for him.

I don't run out and wait anymore, but I am still hopeful of receiving bona fide mail. It's a hope that makes for daily disappointment, a feeling that has only grown more intense over the last few weeks, for other than the steady stream of pre-Christmas junk mail (oh, and the credit card bill), all I receive is envelope after envelope filled with pre-election propaganda.

Apparently this election will have seen $60 million spent on advertising. I'm not sure if that includes all the mass mailings or not. If it does or doesn't, I'm heartily tired of the constant bombardment of claims and counter claims. Thank goodness for the media blackout on television and radio election advertisements that started last night... I was slowly going mad. Unfortunately I'm still receiving letters from my friendly local member of parliament (Michael) almost daily. If I'm not getting a letter from Michael I'm getting them from a local fat-cat businessman who supports him. I even received one from his wife! At first I sent them back, but before I'd even stuffed them in an envelope another two appeared in the letter box and eventually I gave up. These letters are nothing more than desperate measures in the face of polls suggesting Michael is going down.

It's a funny thing... when I am bombarded with letters telling me how to think, act and vote I want to do nothing more than think, act and vote in a completely opposite way. So Michael... all that money you spent on writing letters was wasted on me. I will not be voting for you. I will be looking forward to an empty letter box.

If you feel sorry for me after enduring such a barrage of propaganda or would just like to make my day by posting a real nice letter, just email me and I'll give you my address....

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At 1:12 am, November 23, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

I love getting letters too. My Aunt Barbara and I have been writing often to one another. We didn't have much of a relationship when I was younger but for some reason it has escalated to a friendship now. She's ill and in lots of pain but manages to send me wonderful letters.

I too am insulted when commercial people bombard me at my home. I feel violated. There is nothing private anymore, there doesn't seem to be any respect for privacy either.

At 7:58 pm, November 23, 2007, Blogger Mike S said...

As a geezer, most of my friends in my age group still use 'snail mail' just for the feeling of reality it gives. We e-mail as well, but it's just not the same.

At 7:57 am, November 24, 2007, Blogger Dublin City Girl said...

I used to wait for the mailman too, checking the mailbox 5 times during the morning, just to make sure I hadn't missed him.

And it's still the first thing I do when I get home, going through the mail. Opening my e-mail just isn't the same..

How come politicians think we're that stupid?

At 4:52 pm, November 27, 2007, Anonymous Leah said...

Hi Cecily! I can't find your email link...but I'd love to send you a letter - probably a Christmas card with a photo of my boys (if we get it done here soon!)

email me at Leah(at)sphericalcow(dot)net.



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