Monday, November 26, 2012

on and on and on... internet update

Writing this month hasn't worked out quite as I had hoped.  It was supposed to be a way of kick starting my writing, but mostly I feel like I've been cobbling something together at lightening speed.  The odd post has been thoughtful and deep, but a lot of them are fillers ensuring I meet the NaBloPoMo requirements... which I failed anyway due to a stupid internet company.

Speaking of which, they rang me again today.  The tech team, that is.  Asking me if I had cancelled my service with the company.  Um.  Yes.  Totally.

Turns out, no, I had to speak to the sales or cancellation department or something  (who would know which it is - I rang enough times to discover that it didn't matter which menu number I pressed, I still got the same person on the other end).  I spoke with Blake, who turns out not to be the supervisor Blake I almost wept on the phone to the other night.  This evening's Blake read through the records of previous conversations and said they had recorded I still had to pay the ETF.  That would be early termination fee.  I sincerely hope he misread that.  Anyway, he said that was crazy, since I've had not service, and he would make sure I didn't have to pay.  I dryly advised him that if I received a bill for early termination I would be going straight to the ombudsman.  He again assured me he would make sure it didn't happen.

I'm not holding my breath, but hopefully that was the last dealings I have to have with that company.  He said their codes had been removed from our line.  I still have a phone bill to come and that should be it.  Of course I'll keep you posted if it all turns nasty... I already have an ombudsman reference number from last week.

And now, to change the topic completely.  Here is something I found on the ABC Open page today.  It's really beautiful.


At 9:41 pm, November 27, 2012, Anonymous 2paw said...

Dealing with any telco is a nightmare. I am at a loss as to why they are so inept and hopeless. Hope they sort it out tout suite.


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