Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tuesday moaning

Tuesdays are busy around here.  So are Wednesdays.  Thursdays are starting to calm down.  Fridays are catch up.  And then weekends are busy. Nice busy, but still busy, cause the sun is shining and the days are long and I want to get out and about and do things and see people.  Mondays are semi-busy.

I was going to write about how busy Tuesdays are, but on reflection, most of my days are busy.  Not nasty, ugly, desperate busy, just constantly going from one thing to the next.

Anyway, tonight I had choir practise, and since we have 50 concerts between now and Christmas (or maybe five?) we practised long and hard.  We were squashed into a different, smaller room from normal and there were no chairs and my legs are sore from weeding the other day and my back is sore from the sunburn sustained while weeding and my throat is sore from singing for two hours, and now I have to blog.  Wah, wah, wah.

The carols are nice though, and we'll be singing them at the lighting of the Christmas tree in the mall next Friday night (23rd November).  Our choir is scheduled for 8.30pm.  You should come.  It'll be awesome.

And then on Sunday 25th November, 2pm we're presenting our Musical Moments concert at Scotch Oakburn College.  Cost is $15 with proceeds going to the Examiner Empty Stocking Appeal.  Seriously, you should come to this too.  It'll be even more awesome... there are four choirs singing!  What more could you want?

And now I crash into bed, exhausted.


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