Monday, November 05, 2012


Frank is an arborist.
People who own shacks on the east coast have trees.
Put the two together, and we got to spend the long weekend on the east coast doing trees for a shack owner.  Which is much better than it sounds, because after the tree work was done there was still plenty of time for enjoyment!

Two weeks ago we went on a reconnaissance mission and checked out the trees while we stayed in a holiday house.  The weather was sunny and beautiful and almost warm, and we did lots of beach walking.

This time we went down on Saturday and stayed an extra night.  We were joined by a friend and her six and four year old kidlets.  If that sounds less than relaxing for childless Frank and I, think again!  It was all deliciousness.  We enjoyed having kiddies along and it was a great chance to spend more time with our friend - when else do you get to play midnight chess?  Not me of course - I detest chess as I am far too lazy to ponder fifty moves in advance and those horsey pieces unfortunately keep bolting away from me.  I cheered from the sidelines before falling asleep!.

We ended up doing a lot of sitting around, reading, playing games, colouring pictures.  And eating.  I definitely ate too much!  We ambled down to the beach a a couple of times despite the weather being less amenable than two weeks ago - but a beach is beautiful in any weather.  It was warm and muggy and I worked up a big sweat power walking through wet sand.

I like the east coast.  And I like being married to an arborist - the next door neighbour asked Frank to come and do a tree or two for her while we stay in her shack.  Good news!  We have to go again!


At 1:44 pm, November 11, 2012, Anonymous 2paw said...

Sounds wonderful. ( I read 'arsonist!!!)


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