Thursday, November 01, 2012


Happy chatter has been somewhat grave-yard-ish for a while now.  A virtual wasteland filled with naught but ghosts of posts long past.

Hurrah for NaBloPoMo, surely sent to rescue me from the blogging duldrums, beating back the encroachment of teensy tiny facebook status updates on my writing world.

Let's face it, who really needs to blog after dribbling a constant feed of froth and bubble chatter to a bunch of carefully selected friends?

Me! Me! Oh yes, me!  I still need to blog!... I just haven't been.  Instead I've clicked through a mindless routine of six or seven sites over and over and over.  And over.  I'm rather tired of them really.  That part of my brain stimulated by new inbox notifications just isn't being stimulated anywhere near enough.  (Honestly, how can it be?  I visit every ten minutes.  I'm not popular enough to receive emails, hits, likes or comments to satisfy that much unhealthy craving for positive feedback - especially not since I ditched half my facebook friends in a fit of pique.)

It's time to break out of the stifling straitjacket of internet addiction and start thinking again.  Think and puzzle and write.  Ponder and express.  Speak my mind freely and at length.

So yes, hurrah again for NaBloPoMo.  Just in time to kick start my writing endeavours once again.



At 10:56 pm, November 08, 2012, Blogger kris said...

here is a comment for you :)

At 12:18 pm, November 11, 2012, Anonymous 2paw said...

Good luck, happy November blogging!!!


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