Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm still alive!

And in four weeks time this is what I'll be doing - a 'Merry Christmas Quilling' workshop at milkbar cafe. (Saturday November 24, 12.30-3pm. $30 includes all supplies + tea and cake if you're local!)

Exciting hey!  I've done a couple of crochet workshops at milkbar cafe, but this is the first foray into quilling. I thought I should come up with my own design rather than pilfering one off the web.  Fiddling around was fun but kinda time consuming.  I might be inspired to do more though.  I have some ideas for junk mail designs, and now the design is designed it shouldn't be too hard for newbies to quilling.  I imagine it will fill the whole time though.

Anyhoo, maybe I'll see you there.  If not, I might post a bit more often so we can 'see' each other here.  Now there's an exciting thought.


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