Saturday, November 26, 2011

of clothes and cupboards

I've been swapping the wardrobe from winter to summer supplies today - which seems a little un-prescient of me, since it has rained absolutely. all. day. and barely reached 17 degrees. (On the bright side, we hit 25 yesterday, basking in the all day sun. Warmest day so far)

What a lot of clothes. I was forced to sort and turf after a) pulling all the summer clothes out of their box last night and dumping them on the floor in search of the perfect item to wear to a wine tasting; and b) going op shopping this morning for black clothes for choir performances, but coming home with black clothes and more. That, and not enough space in the cupboards and drawers.

Three piles later - {keep- maybe - turf} with the odd item rescued - and I have two garbage bags of clothes to pass on to others. That's one bag to the op shop and one for the next clothing swap... I've kind of graded the clothing. Those that I like but don't wear because they don't fit well or don't suit me no matter how much they are in fashion (but my friends might be able to get some great wearing pleasure from them), and those that I don't wear because they are so dated I don't want to be seen in them (and I doubt any friends would want to be either). There's a lot more space in the cupboard now.

It was interesting, the sorting of my clothes compared to what was on offer in the op shop today. I tend to wear and wear and wear things (if I like them)... some aren't even worth giving away. Most of the clothes in the op shop seemed barely worn. I could buy them and wear them lots.

I'm writing this while watching TV and can't draw it to a conclusion because I can't think for laughing at the stupidness on screen... except perhaps that I wear clothes more than I buy them? And maybe that's a good thing?


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