Friday, November 02, 2012


So I've just committed to writing every day for a month again.  Which has the benefits of getting me writing, but at times it leaves me typing late and leaving Frank a NaBloPoMo widower, just when I need to be spending less time on technology.

I'm not hooked like some people I know. (Ah the sound of self justification)  Partly because our internet connection isn't great, and a little because my mobile phone is only a semi-smart phone and it just won't do all the things I want it to, and a teensy bit because I don't want phones and laptops to rule my life.

But if I'm honest, they rule me more than I want them to.  I pull the laptop out at the dinner table more than I like to admit.  I check in to facebook a little obsessively, especially if I've written what I think to be a particularly clever status update... Instead of signing up to write online every day, it would be more helpful if I was winding back my technology use and focusing more intently on the people around me.

Oh well.  Thirty days it is.  Let's hope the benefits of reflection and musing (aiming high to begin with) outweigh the disadvantages of tapping our a line or two and constantly checking for responses.



At 12:27 pm, November 11, 2012, Anonymous 2paw said...

My phone is quite vintage!!


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