Monday, November 12, 2012

mobile free(dom)

I accidentally left my mobile home this afternoon, a situation only discovered when I went to check if a client had texted me or not.

I like leaving my mobile home.  I'm not contactable.  No one knows exactly where I am, not even the mobile phone companies tracking my movements, since my device is sitting quietly on my bench tehehe.  (Except the people with me.  Of course they know where I am.)  I feel free, daring, released from the tyranny of always being at someone's beck and call.

At the same time, when I leave my phone home I feel a little anxious.  What if someone needs to contact me urgently?  What if I miss out on important information?  What if something has gone wrong?  I feel isolated and cut off, even a little vulnerable.

I find it kind of funny that I feel that way.  Once upon a time I backpacked around the world.  Mobile phones were around, but I didn't own one until I'd already been away for two years.  It was a clunky thing that made calls and sent texts, which was pretty cool if you were waiting at Covent Garden and your friend hadn't turned up: 'Where are you?'  Of course it only worked if they weren't underground.

Anyway, I tripped all over the place without any mobile connection.  The internet wasn't in every home.  I visited internet cafes to send emails.  And that was enough.  I survived.  I'm still alive.  I didn't actually need a mobile phone.

Turns out I had my mobile phone with me the whole time today.  I found it tucked in exactly the right pocket in my bag, right where it was supposed to be.  The feelings of freedom and fear were all wasted after all.


At 10:20 pm, November 13, 2012, Anonymous 2paw said...

I like having my phone with me in case I feel unwell and need help. My phone is very basic though and often when it rings, I just don't answer!!!
maybe you should ear a foil hat to deflect those pesky satellite trackers. I remember in the days before mobiles you would arrange to meet someone and just wait about till they arrived and assume everything was fine. Outside the Library today everyone was talking on their phones except me!!


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