Friday, November 20, 2009

well that was a little bit embarrassing

I had to go to training in Hobart today, and since we are spread out all around the state, the company decided to celebrate a staff Christmas at the same time. So yesterday after work I 'zipped' down the highway and had a yummy dinner with nice colleagues. Today we gathered for training, and it was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the conversation (about a theology of work and ethics in business) and, apart from feeling slightly brain dead from sitting all day, found it motivational and stimulating.

While at the training, I parked my car in a nearby multistory car park. I'm not quite sure how it works there - every space seemed to say 'reserved' but I was sure I had been directed to this car park by the conference centre. So I kept climbing around and around and around. Eventually I came upon a young man who was stamping tickets with 'early bird' and (after accidentally almost knocking him over) I querulously asked where I should park. He directed me to a space and I set off down the eight flights of stairs.

After the training I elected to wake myself up for the two and a half hour drive home with a little shopping. I mooched around, decided I didn't feel like spending money and just picked up a tub of magnesium powder to restore my happy pants.

Back at the car park I circled down and down and down to the payment counter and handed over my ticket. I was sure I had seen a sign outside advertising $4.50 for the day and I was ready with my $5 note. Ha ha. 'Nine dollars' he said.

And then the scrabbling began, because I only had five dollars plus a few coins. I pointed out the early bed stamp ('Yes Ma'am, it would have cost $15 without it') and scraped the coins together. $8.85. I apologetically handed it all over and searched frantically around the inside of the car for another coin or two. Nothing. I donned the most beseeching like I could muster and waited.

At which point the young man rescued me. He handed back the five 5 cent pieces and accepted that I was running short.

What a relief. But how embarrassing!! I really need to make sure I have more cash on hand.

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At 10:13 am, November 22, 2009, Blogger Cherie said...

Kindness of strangers. We all require it now and then.


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