Friday, November 13, 2009

oh oh... not another dud post

So I got a little tipsy tonight.
All in good fun.

Finished work at the hospital, after - don't laugh - counting everyone's hand hygiene for the whole day. If you've never experienced tedium, maybe you could try counting hand hygiene versus not-hand hygiene. I know it kills bugs and saves lives, but p.lease!

I was tired and almost stayed home, but being a good extrovert, I realised I would feel much, much better after a good bit of socialising. So off I trotted and drank two glasses of wine in quick succession. Before I knew it, I could barely stand up straight, and almost fell over the side of the deck with the most excellent views of the valley. That would not have been a pretty sight.

So I stayed put for a couple of hours while the effects of the alcohol wore off, because I had to drive home. Even then I wondered if perhaps I should not be driving, but I made it to the burger shop in one piece and arrived home safe and well and sober.

However I cannot string my corker of a story together tonight I'm sorry. Would you mind terribly waiting until tomorrow? It's Friday. I need to rest my brain.

(I only hope it's as good a story as I think it is, after all this build up!)

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At 9:02 am, November 14, 2009, Anonymous 2paw said...

Well that sounds very mind numbing work, glad you enjoyed your night out!!! Happy New Life!!


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