Tuesday, November 10, 2009

maybe i should set up shop sooner rather than later

I made a few cards on the weekend and took them to work today to see if anyone was interested in purchasing them. Between saving someone's life (quite literally - nasty postop complication) and precepting a graduate, I managed to sell three on the spot, took orders for three more and sold two pairs of earrings.

Whoot, whoot. Way to go!

I've decided all moneys so raised will go towards my entertainment and hobby fund when I become 'poor' next year. Now I just need to work out postage prices, make a few more cards, and I can start selling on etsy. (That sounds terribly self absorbed... I promise to share my bounty with those in need! And stay tuned for how I plan to spend some of my time next year. It's not quite all about me!)

Here's one of my favourites from the weekend - snapped up like a hot cake!

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