Thursday, November 27, 2008

topsy turvy

What a crazy, crazy world hey. When I got up this morning I checked the news on the internet (because I somehow got into this crazy habit of checking my personal email and other websites of interest before I head to work). There was some news about people being shot in Mumbai but my eyes slid right past it because I can't deal with all the shootings and bombings which daily bombard my eyes and ears so I filter them all out and head on over to the entertainment news, because we all want to know that Madonna and Guy Ritchie have both moved on to new relationships don't we?

I stepped into my car and tuned into Radio National Breakfast, only to discover I could not escape Mumbai. This wasn't your average, garden variety shooting in Iraq or Afghanistan, but a big deal simultaneous attack on high profile locations around the city. Another terrorist affair by all accounts. (How sad that I am no longer shocked by tragic news from Iraq)

I really want to block this out of my mind. The last thing I want to hear about is another bunch of fanatical people exercising their rights to the point of destroying the lives of those who hold a different view. This is abhorrant to me, and since it seems to be happening all around me with increasing frequency I am overwhelmed by horror. My best defence mechanism has become a dance of avoidance - ignore the events, avoid the pain.

Unfortunately avoiding one sad tale (if that is possible) propels me right into the arms of another. Let's see. What else is going on at the moment? Oh, that's right... an economic crisis. What appals me about this is the straw we have built our society upon. We are in trouble because of excessive lending and exceeding our incomes. The solution? Get out there and spend more money to stimulate the economy! Hello?? Wasn't over spending a contributing factor here? How can our whole society be so geared for consumption that we must consume more in order to dig ourselves out of our financial hole? Madness.

What was that about Madonna and Guy? Or Gordon Ramsey and his alleged affair? And isn't Amy Winehouse back in hospital? Give me this trite, inconsequential fluff please... drown out the madness. Oh... that's all madness too?

I just can't deal with how empty, hateful, shallow, violent and selfish we are. (And then I looked in the mirror! Ha) We need a messiah I think. Save us from this mess.

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At 11:10 am, November 28, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Yup! Me too.

Ignorant I am though in thinking that Australia is not harmed by the horrible things we're going through. Isn't it funny how I thought we were the only ones, again, ingnorant.

Escaping reality would be a blessing even for just a day or few moments. I wish we "could just all get along!"

At 3:21 pm, November 28, 2008, Blogger deanna said...

We watched the stories on BBC news tonight, and there was so much, from India and other places, it did make the economic calamity seem even stupider, and I had to have another glass of wine. Don't know if that's the greatest response. I like your final sentence better. (Do I sound a little tipsey? Er, tipsy.)


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