Tuesday, November 18, 2008

boastin' a little

I did a third grade violin exam three weeks ago. I was quite nervous as I felt mighty under practised. It appears I pulled the wool over the examiners eyes. I scored the top mark in Tasmania for all Trinity Guildhall music exams this semester.

As they say on 'Australian Idol' (which I have not been able to watch at all this year because we have not succumbed to digital television), it's all in the song choice. I only played pieces I knew I could nail, and any with tricky techniques I tucked far away from the light of day (or the ear of the examiner).

Apparently I get a medal or something... which is a bit embarrassing and makes me feel like a child. As did the examiner's comment about 'this young player'. Looks like I tricked him on my age too!

OK. Stopping the boast now.

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At 11:44 am, November 19, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

I've forgotten about your violin lessons. Are you ready for Youtube yet? Congratulations on your success; I don't think you pulled a tricky one. I think you might be better than you thought.

At 7:10 pm, November 19, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Boast away, babe! You earned it.


Honored to know you.

At 8:47 am, November 21, 2008, Blogger deanna said...

This sounds wonderful - congratulations! I'm with Sandy, you should go on Youtube. That must have taken lots of practice, Cecily, good job.


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