Sunday, November 16, 2008

random, totally random

I've had a nice weekend. Which does not account for the ongoing battle with crankyness - is PMT really a valid excuse? But still, it was nice. I sewed a pretty summer dress, enjoyed some sunshine and started my 'get fit' crusade. Not that I'm really unfit, but they changed the time for the aqua fitness class I attended for three years. I got a little huffy because the new time was totally unsuitable and (somehow) changing aqua nights didn't fit in my head with everything else I was holding in there. So I quit going and my body has slowly converted to mush. Not that I've put on any weight, but there are rolls of, ah, flesh that weren't there before. So I've walked everywhere this weekend, rearranged my brain so I can attend aqua on Monday and I'm thinking toned thoughts.

Which brings me to all the fat I've eaten this weekend... lemon meringue pie (I made it myself, so I know how much butter was in it), garlic bread (I made it myself, so I know how much butter was in it), asparagus and barley risotto (again... I know exactly how much fat was in it). Tally it all up and that's one big weekend. I'm wondering if we always made everything from scratch, would we eat so much crap food? Or would it scare us so silly we'd start cooking healthier stuff? Whatever, tomorrow night I'm going for a crisp, fresh, low-fat stir fry. And aqua.

Hey... maybe the fatty food is making me feel catty?

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At 4:14 am, November 17, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Fatty catty? Catty fatty?

I WISH I was 'fat' like you, Cecily. You look fantastic - all the time. (At least from the photos I see here.)

Your home-cooked foods sound equally fantastic. I know what you mean about eating home cooked food - it's so good, so well-prepared. For me it's not the fat in it that is the problem, it's the fact that it tastes superior and I want to eat more of it.

Enjoy your crisp, fresh stir-fry!


At 11:17 am, November 17, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Hey I don't think it's the fat, I think it's the moon. I'm cranky and fussy too, and I didn't have any of the pie or any of that other great stuff you had this weekend. Besides, comfort food is supposed to help the crankies isn't it? I tried brownies with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips - nothing, zip, I'm still cranky!


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