Wednesday, November 19, 2008

curiously, this is another lame post

Frank and I have been running a fortnightly discussion group called 'Curious. Because life is a curious thing' for a couple of years now. We wanted to create a space for conversations in life, faith and spirituality that were not necessarily Christian in focus, and not forcing Jesus onto people, but encouraging thought about the meaning of life and possible answers to such questions. We've wandered away a little from our original intent, and that's OK - you roll with the punches, thank God for the lovely people he sends and hope we all walk more closely aligned with Jesus and goodness and truth... and leave the rest to God.

Tonight was the humding-ing-est discussion ever, mostly because we were trying to decide upon our next topic of conversation. We've opted for a series of studies called 'Living Simply' but along the way we had some incredibly warm and interesting tangents. I personally am relieved this is our new topic. (Revelation is not really to my liking!) But the other stuff was interesting too. Just didn't leave much brain space for meaningful blogging!

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At 8:27 am, November 20, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

May I come to your group!! Hmm...just that nasty over the ocean and around the globe transportation issue.

What a great idea for a discussion group! Good thinking.

Living Simply - my kinda conversation!

(This is NOT a boring blog post.)


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