Friday, December 28, 2007

trials and tribulations at the supermarket

The woman at the supermarket checkout does not seem to get those ubiquitous, ugly green enviro bags... when I presented my scruffy, many-times-used pile of them she proceeded to wrap everything she possibly could in plastic bags just in case they should leak through said green bags.

Um, please, you don't need to...
No really, I'd rather...
For goodness sake, stop filling my enviro-friendly green bags with enviro-trashing plastic bags! I don't want them. That's why I dumped twenty of these things on top of my groceries. Get it?!

Obviously not.

In the end I did manage to convince her that since I just live up the road the icecream would not melt and leak everywhere before it reached my freezer so she regretfully relinquished the plastic bag wrap.

I also managed to avoid being killed by the little old man who indicated he was turning right at the traffic lights (prompting me to also turn right) before driving straight through the intersection with indicator still indicating (almost hitting me as I turned right). Of course he tooted and carried on as we narrowly passed by each other, while I gesticulated at the still flashing right blinker before promptly starting to cry because it was all his fault but if he'd hit me the police would have said it was my all fault because I was turning right in front of a car passing straight through an intersection. And then I stopped crying because I realised he hadn't hit me, the police need never know and I have not been falsely accused by anyone except an old man who probably should hand in his driver's licence right now. It is however more grist for my mill of never trusting blinkers. Usually I apply this to people who are not indicating their intentions on the road because I always suspect they have forgotten to flick their blinker on - a frequent occurrence (at least here in Tasmania). This is defensive driving. Now I will also be on the look out for those people who have turned on their blinker, with a deft but accidental flick of the wrist, when in fact they have no intention of going the direction they are suggesting. So if you're stuck behind a car waiting and waiting until there is no approaching traffic before proceeding across any intersection it will probably be me, no longer trustful of any other driver on any road.

All this to avoid telling you that I'm back from my travels but wish I wasn't because I have a terrible case of the post-holiday-blues and don't want to go to work today or any day.

I will cheer up at some point. I promise. Really. I will. I might even post some photos of our fabulous time away. It went far, far better than expected. I shall have to revise my 'Christmas with family' prejudices.



At 6:22 am, December 30, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

I have the same problems at the grocery check out. I ask for paper bags, and the checker complies but often will wrap things in plastic, just to be sure, I guess. Urg. Also a lot of thoughtless drivers around here!

Hope the blues pass quickly, so you can post pictures. I'm missing our just-passed trip to the coast; it was over far too quickly.

At 1:11 pm, December 31, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Cecily, I am with you on the post holiday blues. But am back also, hoping find some sort of escape. Thanks for the giggle on the bags. My pet peeve is when they pack the green bags with three items and then want to pack two more items in the plastic when they'll all fit in the green bag. I'm a maniac lately so I try not say anything. I could end up biting someone's head off and send them home crying. So I just pack my own bags to save a few lives.


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