Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hot, hot, hot... 33 degrees C today! It's 9pm and still 28 degrees Celsius - the same as Adelaide! Unheard of! A Tasmanian heatwave. And the same is forecast for tomorrow.

I shouldn't complain too much, the hospital is air conditioned - it's just the walk home that nearly did me in!

We went into shutdown in preparation for today's high temperatures. Every blind in the house shut. The sun room (a delightful winter feature, but a hideous summer furnace) was closed off from the rest of the house. And we managed to keep the place fairly cool. Only now is the heat creeping into every last crevice.

No cooking tonight either - just salad, tinned tuna and ice cream*. (Choc Wedge Violet Crumbles that were the most luminous yellow - I dread to think just what artificial colours and flavours I have willingly consumed)

* In case you were wondering, we didn't eat the ice cream with the salad and tuna, rather we ate it after the salad and tuna.


At 9:40 pm, January 16, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

That's hotter than it was here today, what's happening to Tasmania's weather?! You might have a cool change when you come in a couple of weeks instead of the scorcher that you normally get :)

At 9:56 pm, January 16, 2007, Blogger Cecily said...

arghhhh no! I'm banking on a trip to the beach and a swim in warm water!


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