Sunday, January 14, 2007

one year today

On this day one year ago, Frank and I pledged our love and our lives to each other.

We had a near perfect day, so this post is rather a self-indulgent trip down memory lane, smiling at the happy memories of love and joy!

The weather was delightful, and the garden setting by the river was beautiful. Everything (except the hairdresser) went according to plan (she ran according to her own plan). Family and friends shared in our moment and gave us their blessing. The food was delicious (though I can't remember eating much!). We had a wonderful day of celebration.

I've learned a lot about Frank this year. For instance, he doesn't like chocolate ice cream - an unfinished tub has been in the freezer almost the whole time we've been married. (If you want to come over and eat it, you're welcome) He is loving, kind, faithful, gentle and generous.

More importantly I've learned about myself. I am inestimably selfish. (I knew that already, but this year has confirmed it) I am unbelievably controlling. (Ask Frank the meaning of 'food fascist')

Thank goodness we've had lots of wonderful times, or I'd be totally depressed by how revealing marriage is! ( I've learned good things about me too, but the bad seem to stand out in my mind - plenty of room for improvement there!)

We've had loads of fun, laughed together, cried together, traveled together and just been good company for each other. I love that no matter what I serve (except chocolate ice cream), Frank invariably likes it (oh, and tuna mornay). I love that we work on projects together, creating ideas from the synergy of two minds sparking off each other. And that when one is tired and flat, the other one picks up the slack and offers support and hope.

May there be many more anniversaries to come, with lots of good years in between!



At 6:11 am, January 15, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

Happy Anniversary! I remembered at 9pm last night (I spent most of yesterday thinking it was the 13th for some weird reason). Anyway, I hope you and Frank had a wonderful celebrating your marriage.

At 8:46 am, January 15, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Ahh! What great pictures! There are many things we find out about ourselves through our marriage experience, some not so good, but sometimes we find incredible strengths that we thought we would never have. Your first big step was to get through this year; congratulations Cecily and Frank!

At 9:06 am, January 15, 2007, Anonymous michelle with an 'e' said...

Happy 1st anniversary indeed! It was a pleasure to see you become Mr & Mrs on that beautiful day. Praise God for enabling you to see through year no. 1 and for learning so much in the process :-)... may the learning continue - as hard as it may be at times!

At 11:29 am, January 15, 2007, Blogger merry said...

Happy Anniversary! The pictures are beautiful, looks like you had a wonderful day. Here's to many more!

At 11:33 am, January 15, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

now you have got me started.... well lets hope all marriages are as happy in one year, working on issues together is a good start

At 3:36 pm, January 15, 2007, Blogger Ben and Melissa James said...

Your wedding looked amazing! Congrats on 1 year...I'm sure there are many more to come, enjoy each day.


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