Tuesday, January 23, 2007

how to have a really bad sleep

Yes, I am still alive. I survived the spider infested bedroom, but only just.

I stayed on the computer as long as I could, but by almost midnight I decided it was getting a little bit ridiculous so I toddled down the hall. Well, I would have toddled except Frank had turned off the lights because they were keeping him awake, so I cowered along on tiptoe, expecting the squelch of a spider at any moment. No spider in the hallway.

After safely navigating my way into the bedroom I cautiously reached over and turned a lamp on. Again, no spider on the light switch.

Carefully, so as not to disturb any spider that may have clambered into a drawer for safety, I opened the drawer and removed a nightgown. No spider.

I shook the nightie out and... something fell out of it. ARGHHHHHHH. Nope, no spider. It was just a baby earwig. (Will you listen to me - 'just' a baby earwig?! It was so tiny it was almost cute and in comparison to a spider? Quite darling really)

Donn said nightgown and slowly pull back the sheets, all the time muttering to Frank and asking if he's sure there's no spider in the bed with complete disregard for his slumbering state. No spider, but I wouldn't really know as I wasn't game enough to look.

Gradually, ever so slowly I fell asleep but it must have be after 1am before I dropped off. (That is the exaggeration of a spider crazed mind for sure. I never take that long to drop off!)

And then every time I moved (and sometimes when I didn't) I jumped awake - certain that the spider had just run across my leg. No spider? I don't know - I didn't dare look.

It was a long night and I am alive, but I feel less than so. Thankyou for your thoughts!



At 2:12 pm, January 23, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

I admire your restraint. Had there been a spider in my bed, Paul would have needed to prove to me that it wasn't there (preferably by providing a spider corpse) and even then I'd struggle! I am glad that you survived, and I hope that your spider decided to make a beeline for the great outdoors. It took a little coaxing (not from me!) but my spider is now somewhere in the great wide yonder. I suspect that he'll fall victim to the family of birds nesting in one of the trees but at least he'll be a sacrifice to a good cause. Aren't you glad he won't be around when you come? :)


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