Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ah tasmania!

I'm on a roll now - really getting into this 'love Tasmania' thing!

On the day I discovered a host of bike tracks I also discovered a small market. It's held every Saturday in a little square in the centre of town... and because I never visit this square I never knew about the market.

Admittedly it was a small market with just a couple of stalls, but as I was entering and exiting a shop, the proprietor of one of the stalls called out a cheery 'hello, how are you?' to me. As I went in and as I went out! On the way out I sheepishly checked out his stall - I felt kind of obliged, after he'd been so friendly to me.

And there I discovered a wealth of homemade goodies. Beetroot and Apple Chutney, Raspberry Jam, Garlic Sauce... and I got to sample some of them! I happily munched away, feeling even more obliged, so I bought some of the Garlic Sauce - it really was yummy.

As I turned to walk away the gentleman called out 'don't forget the recipe' that was a complimentary accompaniment to the sauce. I stuffed it in my purse with thanks, and hurried on to my next stop.

When I got home I pulled out the recipe and read it:

Marinate chicken in garlic sauce (add pinch of bi-carb)
stir fry onion or vege to your taste
Add chicken and garlic sauce to your Taste
Stir fry together

I had to laugh! I reckon I could probably have figured that out for myself without too much trouble! They were so well meaning in ensuring I had this recipe that I nearly forgot to take... and it was hardly a recipe at all! Very sweet, very kind, very cute.

You've got to love Tasmanians. They have big hearts and friendly souls.

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At 9:35 pm, January 30, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

Thats gorgeous! :) Now don't you want to go back to his stall again? I love it when people are so friendly.

At 7:00 pm, February 01, 2007, Anonymous Sim said...

Would love to marinate the chicken and have a wonderful meal with you today! How sad, that Tassie is soooo far away...


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