Tuesday, January 30, 2007

seeing the city with new eyes

I think I'm rediscovering my city! Which is nice, after complaining for the last four weeks that I feel trapped on a small island with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

The Christmas bike finally arrived, so we took advantage of the long weekend with a few leisurely rides. They would have been leisurely if my bottom didn't hurt so, and my legs didn't turn to jelly on the hills!

Apart from the discomfort, we had a great time and discovered a tangle of bike tracks I never knew existed. Ride along the river this way; ride along the river that way; head out to a heritage forest and ride around the forest; ride to the museum and take in an exhibition on woven baskets; ride to the fish and chip shop on the foreshore; ride amongst majestic oak and chestnut trees. It was wonderful!

Before my very eyes I felt our city being transformed into a place of hidden treasures and delight. Boring? Never! We didn't have time to explore every track in every direction, so I'm looking forward to packing a picnic and taking a different path next time.

We did stop at the museum and visit an exhibition called 'wovenform' that displayed woven baskets from many of the aboriginal communities. It was incredible what they can do with grass and plant roots. Truly beautiful, and if the warden hadn't been keeping a close eye on me I might have picked one up and brought it home to use! I'll have to learn basket weaving and make one for myself... or maybe it would be quicker to commission one?!

In the museum I picked up a brochure from the 'Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra'... I had no idea they host so many concerts throughout the year. Then in April there's a festival called 'Ten Days on the Island', featuring art, music, and theatre from the island nations of the world.

Who said nothing happens in Tasmania? Who said this city is boring? Who said Sydney or Melbourne or London are better places to be? Whoever it was, they were wrong! They just have to open their eyes and see what's already there and get involved!

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At 9:33 pm, January 30, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

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At 3:53 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

Just the thought of bike riding makes me feel hot...actually the thought of going outside at the moment makes me feel hot - Tasmania sounds like a good place to be! We were pleasantly surprised by how much there was in your neck of the woods. You live in a great little city!


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