Tuesday, January 30, 2007

creating time, creating busyness, creating clothes

Life wasn't busy enough for me. You know January - lazy summer days, nothing to do in the evening, public holidays galore. I was getting bored... (yeah right!)... so I created some busyness for myself.

I decided to sew a top and a dress in one weekend. Busy, busy. Cutting, sewing, ironing, unpicking, sewing, trimming, ironing, trying on, more sewing. It was a marathon, let me tell you! But I did it, almost within the weekend... just finished off a couple of bits last night after work.

And so dahdah... I now have a new top, and a new dress and they both turned out OK if you ignore the slight puckering around the sleeves of the dress... I think I forgot to trim and clip. Oh well. Photos to come when life is less crazy.

The other reason for the big rush on sewing is that life is about to change here in Frank and Cecily's household. Lazy days of summer have been the order of the day, and I've loved it. In fact I've loved it so much I've elevated January to favourite month status. But not only is January about to end and with it the endless free evenings - I am about to start studying.

This morning I fly out to Armidale (in New South Wales) for a three day residential school to kick off a Graduate Certificate in Counseling. Goodbye free time, hello bookwork! I wanted to use my last weekend of freedom to do something I really enjoy.

I'm also tired of moaning about never having time to do things - a problem that has more to do with my time management than with life's busyness. So my weekend was one big creation - creating time, creating busyness, creating clothes. It was great!

So that explains the blogging silence. Boy I missed writing though - every night I had a long list of things to post about. Let's see if I can remember any of them now!

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At 11:32 am, January 30, 2007, Anonymous Sandy said...

Good to have you back Cecily. Good luck with study and travel. I'm back to the books also, free time is very limited, but used time is very rewarding. See you on the fly. Can't wait to see pictures. How about the bike tour? Did you take pictures there?

At 9:31 pm, January 30, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

Three posts in a day! You go girl :)
I'll sms you, this answers my question about whether you were still home. Have a great time in Armidale!


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