Thursday, November 18, 2010

a pleasing selection

Another day, another night... another late one. Sigh. My lateness at going to bed is minor in comparison to my father's early morning vigils and my brother's all nighters, but how I wish I could break through the 10 pm barrier more often - go to bed before 10 that is! Surely bed time is not genetically predetermined?

Here it is already after ten, so this post will be brief and light.

You might be forgiven for thinking Frank and I watch movies all the time. It isn't true! I can probably count on one hand the movies I've seen this year, including only two at the cinema - Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, both well worth the effort. I am prone to forgetfulness, so I may have seen more than this, but it's been a while between drinks movies. Even movies at home have been sporadic, though I did so enjoy Ever After in the middle of the day recently... so risqué!

Despite our dearth of 2010 movie viewing, this is my third movie blog in 18 days. What a binge we're having. Ever After as November commenced, Sound of Music one week in (you should have seen the girls at school stop and stare when I broke into 'Favourite Things' for their entertainment yesterday!), and in the last week Valkyrie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and, tonight, A Very Long Engagement. (The last three courtesy of Video City's "3 weeklies for $9.90" deal... such value for money, who can resist?)

We're on a winner, because all three were good... and that's despite war movies not being my cup of tea.

A Very Long Engagement was a quirky mix of moving, funny and... well... French. We both giggled a little, enjoyed it a lot and found it touching.

But now: So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Good night.

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