Monday, November 08, 2010

doing it their way

One of my little endeavours this year has been setting up a knitting group in a local community house. From small beginnings we've grown to six or so regular members and there is a lovely feel of friendship in our weekly gatherings. Excitingly, a local yarn store (LYS) has also come to the party and offered a discount for group members.

The group combines several things I love: people, conversation, cake, knitting... I look forward to Monday afternoons with 'my' knitters.

Today we were discussing a suitable Christmas celebration. A couple of months ago we went on a successful 'excursion' to a nearby town, and everyone is keen for another social event. I had in mind a jaunt to a local cafe or perhaps lunch at a restaurant. No cooking, no dishes, no fuss.

Here is my active lesson in running things in a community based organisation. It's just not about me. So when the group asks for a pot luck affair, my role as facilitator is to suck it up, save my cafe lunch for personal friends, and embrace the idea that has burst from the group.

Actually, I think I can do better than just embracing the idea and going with it. I'd like to celebrate the idea! The knitting group is alive, vibrant and self sustaining (it even went ahead when I was away one week). That is brilliant... even better than any of the items we've successfully knitted this year.



At 8:48 am, November 09, 2010, Blogger Cherie said...

A nifty picture of community. Well done, Cecily!


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