Sunday, November 14, 2010

a curious case

I was going to tell you about my cooking adventure this evening, as the loss of kitchen creativity has left me open to disaster.

There's nothing quite like a new internet recipe or two to reinvigorate cooking passion. Most of the time it works, tonight it was (how shall I say this)... less than a success. Sweet potato gnocchi would be fine I suppose - if the recipe was correct and I didn't have to more than double the flour in it, such that I ran out and augmented with flour of the wholemeal variety, which changed the taste of the thing all together, after which I rolled it as specified and made gnocchi three times the normal size.

Pesto covers a multitude of culinary sins, and just when I thought this one would find its way to the bottom of Frank's preferred meal list, it saved the day. Frank liked it, I could tolerate it, and with gnocchi the size of small golf balls, we'll only be eating it for one more meal.

However, what I really want to say something about is the movie we watched tonight. 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. Oh my, what a movie. Beautifully made and wonderfully told, but deeply disturbing.

It's probably a good thing I've ended up telling you about the meal rather than the movie, because I can't quite gather my thoughts together to write much anyway. Frank and I sat there kind of shell shocked when it finished, strangely moved but unable to express what was happening for us. I'm wishing I could age backwards so I could go back to school and study it in detail, explore its themes, examine the characters and dig deep inside it.

Then again, can you imagine being treated completely the wrong way around all your life? People assuming you are old when you're not, or treating you like a teenager when you have more life experience than the average person around you? That would drive me insane.

But perhaps if I aged backwards I could take all my life's lessons and put them into action with my new youthful body.

I'm mid stream in one of a series of age crises... Benjamin Button plugs into that I think. If anything, it makes me want to get the most out of every moment of my life while I'm fit and able to. Am I doing that? I feel strangely dissatisfied with some of the things I put my time into.

Hmmm. Shall I tell you another cooking story? So much less confronting!

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At 11:09 pm, November 14, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I had roasted gnocchi for tea, but yours sound delicious and probably Jamie Oliver would call them rustic!!
I haven't seen Benjamin Button. It was reviewed very well, but now I am shallow and I think I read and watched too many worthy books and films when I was younger. Now I just want to be entertained: I told you I was shallow!!

At 5:38 pm, November 16, 2010, Blogger Cherie said...

Tom and I had a similar feeling after the movie. A lot of stuff goes through the mind. A lot.

As for gnochi, I've never made it. Kudos to you for giving it a go.


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