Friday, April 09, 2010

a few things i noticed today, none of them particularly big

The chickens are laying less eggs, time to start hoarding
Hector seems to be sick, time for worming treatment
It is still just warm enough for clothes to almost dry on the line, even with cloud
The darkness is settling in earlier and earlier
Thai take away is a good option for Friday night
Fresh is the most awesome restaurant in town
Real, good conversation feeds the soul

Sometimes I like to appreciate the small things rather than the big. They make life what it is.


At 10:06 pm, April 09, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

It is the little things that make life worth living, like comfortable shoes!!! I like a nice cup of tea and a Labrador or two to pat!!!
I love the smell of freshly air dried clothes.

At 11:10 am, April 10, 2010, Anonymous deanna said...

Your blog is always fun to catch up on, Cecily, and I'm glad I just did. Good musings on being "out there" blogging and nice all around stuff.

I hope Hector feels better soon.


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