Thursday, April 08, 2010

the big political farce

Nearly three weeks ago we had a state election in Tasmania, but only today were the results of said election announced. A little bit to do with a crazy electoral system which sees a ten day wait between the initial count of primary votes and the ensuing complicated divvying out of preferences, and a hung parliament of buffoons who won't just get along with one another.

Ten Labor members, ten Liberal members, five Greens (woot woot) and the Liberals think they can claim victory because they won a few more primary votes, Labor vowed to hand over power if they did not win the majority of votes, and no one will talk to the Greens who just want to work together. Now the Governor has stepped in and declared Labour shall form the minority government while the Liberals are throwing a most unattractive hissy fit.

It seems to me this might be the perfect opportunity to work on a new style of government. Because I'll be honest with you - this adversarial way of doing things just doesn't cut it with me. It seems to be more about being in power and less about caring for the people. (The Tasmanian Government's silence and reluctance to intervene on ensuring Tasmanians have safe drinking water is a case in point. Their refusal to listen to the wishes of the majority on the pulp mill is another. I could fill a blog with other examples. We have been left high and dry by the very politicians who are supposed to make decisions on our behalf.)

Of course, the politicians think we can't all see through their power tripping games. They pretend to care, throwing money out here, there and everywhere on projects they hope will win our hearts... and our votes.

I am not a monkey, nor am I one of Pavlov's dogs. I personally do not respond to money being thrown in my face, and I resent being treated like an idiot, as if money will cover up the ineptitude and heartlessness of government after government, or switch off my brain to the reality of the corruption and complete lack of integrity we have experienced in this state. I am not the only one who feels this way, since the Greens picked up five seats and we have no majority. One can conclude we are all fed up.

Interesting times that is for sure. One can hope the Greens holding the balance of power might bring some accountability into our government, but I really wouldn't put it past Labour and Liberal to work together... once they get over their school boy antics, and put their noses back in joint after failing to win majority that is! In the mean time, keep holding onto that whiff of change. Everyone I have spoken to wants the politicians to get over their bipartisanship and work together... may it be so. But like I said, not holding my breath on this one!

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